At 18, do adolescents realy become adults? Everybody knows the answer is no. They do not automatically become adults. But that is the law. At 18, they can drive, can vote, can marry. In fact they still need support and help beyond 18.

Adolescence effectively runs up until the age of 25. There certainly is development beyond 18. There are three stages of adolescence
Early adolescence : 12-14 years,
Mid adolescence : 15-17 years
Late adolescence : 18 years and over.

Cognitive development continues into late adolescence. Prefrontal cortex of the brain has to be fully developed for emotional maturity, self-image and judgement.

Hormonal activity has a period range.
How can it stop on 18 th birtday dot?
It doesn’t. All young people do not develop at the same pace. These juvenile adults have distinct problems.

‘Responsibility’ is a yardstick for adulthood. One should be responsible for own thoughts and actions to become an adult. It’s not just age or “characters of sexual development” that makes one adult.

It’s the maturity!

Dr. Anil Mokashi

Life’s story, जीवनकथा 

You have to write the script of your own life’s story.
If you write a winning script for yourself,  you win.
If you write a loosing script for yourself,  you loose.

आपल्या जीवनाची कथा आपण स्वतःच लिहायची असते.
तुम्ही स्वतःसाठी विजयकथा  लिहिली तर जिंकाल.
तुम्ही स्वतःसाठी हारणारी कथा लिहिली तर हराल.  
डाॅ. अनिल मोकाशी.

By by IPD

English version of my 30 01 2015 post.
By by I.P.D.
Toady 30 01 2015, I closed down my indoor practice. 

Completed 65. 
Being a rural private pediatrician, my “residentship” lasted for full 40 years, Jan 1975 to Jan 2015.  24 hours on duty.   I terminated my own appointment as ‘savoir of dying and sick’ on a happy note. 
Now hereafter I will move around in my community, like a ‘consultant’. With a tie and all.

Going to continue with my O.P.D. in full swing, vigour and enthusiasm.  
Down the memory lane , I turned my back to many a things dear to me. I did it in search of ‘better alternatives’.

Eg. Marathi drama, acting, lawn tennis, NICU. Journal of Rural Pediatrics, Indian academy of pediatrics, Rotary club, I.M.A, guest lectures, Medical distributors, Baramati Food Processing. I enjoyed every bit of it, passionately. 
I could do whatever I wanted to do in life because I sacrificed some field I enjoyed so much. I did not get stuck up.
Now, A day of another metamorphosis has arrived. 

So, my IPD business ends here.
And a new work, new project, 

new passion,  new mission,  

new challenge, new world 

awaits for my attention, my contribution. 
Better I tell about it later. 

Today, by by I.P.D. is enough. 
Dr. Anil mokashi.


PhD Pediatrics 


30 01 2015

Joshi jivan locket 

अचानक हृदयविकाराच्या झटक्याने जाणाय्रांच्या गळ्यात 

“जोशी जीवन लाॅकेट” असते; 

आणि त्यात जिभेखाली ठेवण्याची “साॅर्बिट्रेट” गोळी असती 

तर ते वाचले असते.
माझ्या गळ्यात असते. 

आणि मी वाचलो आहे.  
डाॅ. अनिल मोकाशी, 

एमबीबीएस, एमडी, डीसीएच, एफआयएपी, पीएचडी पेडिअॅट्रिक्स 



Placental blood, delayed cord clamping 

Placental blood 

is baby’s blood. 
Let her get it completely by 

‘delayed cord clamping’. 
After the pulsations stop. 
Placental blood 

is given by nature 

with a purpose.
Do not make it a 

‘Biomedical waste.’

वारेतील आणि नाळेतील रक्त,

बाळाचे आहे.
ते पूर्णपणे मिळवण्यासाठी, 

उशीराने नाळ  कापा. 
नाळेचे ठोके थांबल्यानंतर.
वारेतील रक्त देण्यामागे निसर्गाची काही योजना आहे. 
त्याची ‘बायोमेडिकल वेस्ट ‘ करू नका.

DR.  Anil Mokashi 


PhD Pediatrics 


नवजात उलटी गुळणी 

उलटी / गुळणी ?
उलटीचे बाळ आजारी दिसते. 

गुळणीचे बाळ टवटवीत दिसते. 
उलटीच्या बाळाचे वजन उतरते. 

गुळणीच्या बाळाचे वजन वाढते. 
उलटीच्या बाळाला औषधे लागतात. 

गुळणीच्या बाळाला औषध नको. 
ओकरं बाळसं म्हणायचं आणि सोडून द्यायचं.